• All Surface Restoration is the area's most trusted and experienced surface restoration company in Connecticut

  • The purpose of this video is to introduce you to a FANTASIC SERVICE in this area for hotels, motels, apartments, condos, and any place else that has counter tops and/or floors.

    Way too frequently a floor or counter top gets damaged with no way to repair it, only to be faced with replacing it due to the damage.

    Floors & counter tops get old and worn, & up until now, if you wanted to change the color or just get a new look, you’ve had to replace the entire surface and that is very costly.

    Now, we can repair and recolor any type of surface, and make an old floor or counter top look beautiful again! With our proprietary process, we can recolor any surface as simple & plain, or as personalized and glamorous as needed. Many patterns and styles are available. We can even give your floor or counter top a new look of granite at a fraction of the cost to replace it!

    We repair & recolor any floor surface, counter tops, walls, tile, tubs, vanities, sinks or appliances; such as linoleum, ceramic tile, marble, wood, formica, porcelain, fiberglass, terrazzo, concrete garage & basement floors, patios, decks, walkways, & MORE!

    ·         All solid colors or any combination of colors

    ·         Numerous stone finishing’s & designs

    ·         Custom Designs and patterns

    ·         Create a one-of-a-kind surface

    ·         SAVE 80% or more compared to the investment of replacement and in most cases many times much more!

    We are fully licensed & insured in the state of Connecticut, and can provide you quality work at a low cost with realistic savings from 50% to 400%.