• Surface Chip, Scratch & Crack Repair

  • Light Damage or Heavy Damage - What's The Difference?

    Either light or heavy damage, when you consider the average cost of our kitchen and bath surface repairs over the expensive cost of replacement, it's a no-brainer, we can SAVE YOU a significant amount of MONEY with All Surface Restoration!

    Light Damage: which is done to the clear top coat, plastic, or glaze, which has not gone down far enough to get into the color and/or design pattern. Knife cut marks, stains of all kinds, and very slight burn marks are all part of this type of restoration.

    Average cost range to repair: $175-250

    Heavy Damage:  The damage which is done to the clear top coat, plastic, or glaze as well as going down deep enough to damage the color and/or design pattern. After the damage goes this deep, it really does not make a difference how much deeper it goes, or how wide it goes (accept for cost to repair) it falls into heavy damage restoration.

     Average cost range to repair: $250-325