• Restoration & Refinishing Services

  • Why Replace It When You Can Resurface it & SAVE BIG over conventional remolding! Apartment Complex Managers, Building Maintenance Firms, Condo Association, Real Estate Investors/Agents, Hotel & Motel Maintenance Managers, Home Owners, Restaurant & Nightclubs; Protect your investment & Improve your bottom line!

  • Don’t Replace, Refinish! Counter top refinishing is a process of repairing and restoring an existing kitchen counter or bathroom vanity to extend its functional life, without replacement. The process involves the application of a very hard and durable acrylic coating to the existing counter. Counter top refinishing works equally well on kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities, laminate breakfast bars, and even cultured marble sink vanities.

    Most all tile, cultured marble, Corian, Formica, Wilsonart and other laminate counter tops can be refinished. Counter top refinishing has been popular for years, but recent technological advances have made counter top refinishing more durable, affordable and attractive to homeowners. 

  • The biggest advantage of cabinet refinishing is 50% or more savings over replacement. Equally important is avoiding the demolition mess associated with cabinet replacement and the days waiting for the new cabinet installation. A refinished cabinet can usually be returned to light duty within 24 - 36 hours. You’ll have the kitchen you want in days, not weeks.

    A resurfaced cabinet is durable and can extend the useful life of your cabinet for 10-15 years with basic care and maintenance. Cabinet finishes are available in dozens of colors and textures to fit almost any decorating plan. You can even have a stone look with our revolutionary AST Natural Accents

  • Bathtub resurfacing is a cost effective bathroom makeover alternative to replacing a bathtub that is worn out, damaged, hard to clean, or simply the wrong color. All Surface Restoration will repair chips or cracks and restore the surface to look and feel like new. You’ll save thousands of dollars and avoid days or even weeks of demolition mess and costly replacement. The National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates the total cost to remove and replace a bathtub is $3,000+ or more. All Surface Restoration bathtub refinishing will cost a fraction of that!

    Proprietary non-acid bathroom tub refinishing process allows for guaranteed restoration of porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, and cultured marble bathtubs. First, the tub is thoroughly cleaned using specially formulated two-step cleaners to remove soap scum, mineral deposits, and body oils. Next, all cracks and chips are repaired. AST proprietary bonding agent, is applied to ensure a solid bond between the old surface and the new finish. Finally, a trained professional uses a fine-finish spray process to apply a hi-tech, durable coating. 

  • Ceramic Tile Refinishing is an Affordable, Durable and Beautiful Alternative to Removal and Replacement of Tile Counter tops, Vanities and Walls.

    The difference between ceramic tile refinishing and painting ceramic tile? Ceramic tile refinishing is a process that involves specialized equipment, primers, bonding agents, top coats and clear finishes. The differences between painting vs. refinishing tile are durability, surface gloss and how long the new surface will last.

    Ceramic tiles that are painted with simple spray enamels or with rolled-on epoxy will not look as good as professionally refinished tile. They will also not last as long as professionally refinished tile, nor feel like real tile. Can you reglaze tile? Ceramic tile refinishing is the only practical way to reproduce the look of original tile. The beautiful glaze you see in ceramic tile is baked on in kilns at temperatures ranging from 900F to 2500F. The term tile reglazing is a misnomer as it is impractical to remove ceramic tile that has been installed and ship it back to the factory for re-firing in a kiln.

    Refinishing is a much better option to replacing ceramic tile. It is not only more practical, but also less expensive than new tile and you avoid the mess of removal and replacement.

  • Recolor and restoration of all major appliances such as; refrigerators, ovens, cook tops, stove/oven combos, washer/dryer, ranges, dish washers, back splash, center islands, microwaves, ceiling fans, and much more!

    We only use the highest quality materials on any job we do, to make sure your project comes out looking the best it possibly can. Whether it’s for a dishwasher repair or a ceiling fan recolor, our satisfied clients can testify that we do things quickly, professionally and thoroughly - and all at an extremely affordable price!

    Refinishing or resurfacing is a genuine trade that requires training, practice, as well as expert personal craftsmanship. The most critical component to the process is the skill of the personnel involved in preparing and installing the new surface. This is no task for an inexperienced, unmotivated, minimally trained technician.

  • We use the highest quality proprietary coatings for bath & kitchen floor refinishing that gives you a shiny, new surface with a new-like look that is easy to maintain. Do not settle for the big box store coatings available to the general public.

    A poorly prepared surface can cause failure within months. We have seen it many times. Often we have been called in to re-do a job by another company that did not last. Don’t settle for a technician hired by the owner of a franchise.

     Why waste more time and effort "trying" to clean your tile floors the old fashion way? Precision Surface Restoration offers fast, effective and affordable results. The only thing old fashioned about us is the pride we take in a job well done and our desire to service our clients.

  • Pressure Cleaning is the most effective modern method of cleaning hard surfaces. Conventional hose and cleaning serves only to move dirt and grime from the concrete surface and into its pores.

    Our Pressurized Hot Water Extraction System removes soil and contamination from both concrete and wood or porous hard surface so they are left in a completely clean and more sanitized condition. Why waste more time and effort "trying" to clean your garage or basement floors the old fashion way? All Surface Restoration offers fast, effective and affordable results. The only thing old fashioned about us is the pride we take in a job well done and our desire to service our clients.

    We here at ASR believe that we need to seek and maintain the highest level of professionalism and knowledge.

  • Residential - Vinyl Siding Aluminum Siding Painted Wood Natural Cedar Clapboard/Shingles Sidewalks, Patios & Stoops Awnings, Umbrellas, & Patio Furniture, Deck Washing & Sealing Cedar Roof. Brick Cleaning & Restoration, Gutter Cleaning - Leaf, Mud and Dirt Cleaning - Scrubbing Artillery Fungus.

    Commercial Building Cleaning - Interior Warehouse Floor Cleaning Exterior Brick Cleaning & Restoration Limestone Cleaning, Pre-cast Concrete Cleaning Graffiti Removal Commercial Sidewalks and Walkways.

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